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"There are 85 branches available to customers throughout the areas served."

Average branch waiting time (minutes): 18.5
Compliance with quality standards (gas, electricity, integrated water service, district heating): 95.8%
Gas emergency service: calls with arrival time at the call location within 60 minutes: 96.5%



The customer base served by Hera totals more than 3.1 million, spread over the six provinces of the Emilia-Romagna region and several municipalities of the provinces of Florence and of Pesaro and Urbino. Hera also provides services to local businesses, which fall under the category of business customers. Hera is constructing fast track channels for relations with this customer base.
Starting in 2005, Hera started a survey to check the satisfaction and listen to the requirements of customers. Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out every year and the results are used to define improvement objectives.