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The Sustainability Report 2008 was drawn up on the basis of the AA1000 standard which provides the steps required for preparing social and sustainability reports.
The report content matter was selected in compliance with GRI and GBS guidelines, and taking into consideration the information deemed useful for corporate stakeholders. In this issue of the report, guideline G3 is used as a reference for the third year and the sectoral supplement dedicated to the Electric Utility sector (Pilot Version) was used for the first time this year.
The G3 Reporting Guidelines standard were drawn up in 2006 by the Global Reporting Initiative to evaluate economic, environmental and social performance of companies; the Electric Utility supplement (Pilot Version) was created in 2007 by the Global Reporting Initiative and contains specific indicators for the electric utility sector; The Gruppo di Studio per il Bilancio Sociale (GBS) had, instead, proposed its Principles for the Preparation of Social Reports in 2001.